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I think of myself more as a “photo-illustrator” than a “photographer.” When I look at a setting to photograph, I plan the

shoot to take advantage of HDR (high dynamic range) technology. Depending on the inherent characteristics of any

environment, challenges usually present themselves. Sometimes (the exception) the shot is easy. Other situations,

especially where there is a wide range of light variation, present unique difficulties. Rather than settle for the best overall

lighting exposure, I shoot specifically to capture detail in the bright, mid-tone and shadow areas. To accomplish this, the

majority of the work is done in Camera Raw where all aspects of exposure and color can be adjusted to its maximum

potential. If necessary, I will also merge three different exposures to get the best image detail possible.

After this process, I often apply other color editing techniques to further enhance the image. I think the key is the word

“enhance.” If some of the electronic tools available are used without discretion, they can produce results that look too

extreme or unnatural. By layering the different color enhancement effects into the image, the color is rich and beautiful,

details are clear, the hi-lights are not blown out and the shadows are not murky. Of course all of this takes time, but the

results are worth it. And the end-product is more than just a photo, it’s an image that is a messenger to tell your story.

My mission is to equip that messenger in the most attractive and effective manner possible.

Of course I always meticulously light every indoor setting and look for the optimal angles to capture the image –

the three dimensions of the space are my “canvass.”But I find myself spending as much time in the studio

on the computer as I do at the location session – sometimes more.

As much as I enjoy the photographic process, I also enjoy creating those images with a specific goal in mind for the media

in which they will be used. As a graphic designer, web developer and video producer, as well as a photo-illustrator, there is

an efficiency & consistency that I can provide by being your one, comprehensive source for creative services.